I'm on a 12-hour ban for telling an anti-Trump black dude, "You like them dumb-ass white bitches, dontcha?" Twitter is also demanding that I delete the tweet, which isn't going to happen. So, @TheRootNode is pretty much perma-locked until Twitter grows up and stops treating people like they're in high school.

Working on an essay-length post detailing why centralized systems tend to fail and how decentralized technologies (a return to the past) are actually the answer. Diversity in online technology and sites is a good thing. And, I'm going to prove it.

If you were sent here by @TheRootNode on Twitter, yes, that is me. I used to be @robcolbert on Twitter. Then, I was a few other handles. And, that's all due to censorship and banning for speaking out against things like the Muslim/Islamic invasion, ISIS, Hillary Clinton, and making America great again by doing things like deporting them all, building the wall, ending DACA and (basically) the Democratic party.

Guess how many handles/profiles I've had here? Correct: One (1). This one. The whole time. I've never been banned here. Because that would be incredibly weird.

I own this site. I own the domain. This is my private social network. It has nothing to do with Twitter, it delivers me the news I want and it does it RIGHT NOW without delays, questions, weird rules, or whatever.

This is my site. This is my social network. I visit others, and I do integrate with them. But, this one is mine. And, you can have one, too! If you open an OPUS-1 site, we can link up. When I publish, you get a notifier. When you publish, I get a notifier. And, so will my users if they subscribe to your content channel(s).

More about that soon enough. For now, just be aware that OPUS-1 is coming. And, it's going to de-throne Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

I haven't described search. You'll really want to know how that works. And, yes, that word is in bold text. OPUS-1 does stuff like that, too. Keep scrolling. I think you'll like what you see :)

I will never, ever, understand why people (for whatever reason) felt it was simpler or somehow better to continue using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube while this site has been here the entire time. Makes no sense to me. But, whatever. People are stupid, lazy creatures of habit with rigid belief systems.

I'll never pay to advertise. I'm not going to promote this system. I am, however, going to rebuild and re-launch it. Because I'm also tired of people who drag their feet.

Not trying to sit around. Done giving others a chance to get it right, too. This is a fully decentralized system, and it's ready to do it's thing at scale. It's literally why I'm always so calm. Unlike most of these bitches out here running their mouths, I actually do own a platform.

I am going to separate the stupid people of Twitter from their beloved money.

And keep it.

I am actually at a point in my life where I can seriously consider just buying Twitter. But, that would be the same as giving the social justice warriors that work there a large bonus (money). I don't want to do that.

Instead, I want to create the network that puts them out of business. I want to watch their money dry up. I want to watch Twitter hemorrhage programmers. And, I want to watch those programmers fail to find new work, end up homeless in the street, stay there, suffer, starve and die.

With their last breath, I want them to know: It was me.

So, with a 7-day ban for calling for the death penalty for an illegal immigrant who murdered police officers and says he wants to break out of jail and kill more. I wrote:

‘Cop-killer’ illegal immigrant wants to ‘break out and kill more’

So, according to Twitter, a cop-killing illegal immigrant has more rights than I do. And, this is fine. Because this platform is mine.

I'm going to completely redesign this site and re-launch. I'm banned for 7 days from Twitter. I called for the death of the illegal immigrant who shot and killed a police officer and wants to break out of jail and do it again.

I need to completely rebuild this experience. The OPUS-1 framework has made a lot of progress since this site was put online.

Time for an update.

I just haven't been doing anything here while working on other things with other people. And, those things are neat. But, they aren't the goal.

This is the goal and always will be. It's just hard to launch a whole social network solo. But, due to recent events in my life, it's possible.

I only leave this up as an example of what's possible. You have absolutely no fucking idea what level I'm on. Stop it. I will make you afraid to tweet and can not be silenced. I did my parts to build the Internet you take for granted. I will not go easy on you. Shit will hurt. I promise.

Right about the time you realize how long this has been sitting here being ignored, it will hit you. Or I will.